Civil Engineering

Engineering from the Underground Up

Resourceful, responsible, and proactive, our civil engineering teams in Tallahassee, Florida, Newnan, Georgia and McDonough, Georgia work hard to make our clients’ projects a success. We understand the complexity and schedule requirements associated with permitting and project closeout processes, and we fully appreciate the design construction challenges associated with the implementation of engineering systems.

Our civil engineers can take a project through planning and zoning, preliminary design, permitting, and ultimately to the final design stage where the project is ready for bid and construction. Our experienced team of design engineers has more than 25 years of experience in rezoning, planning, and construction document preparation, while a team of landscape architects and planners provide support through the preparation of planning maps, color renderings, landscape, irrigation, and mitigation plans. We continue to provide construction site support through plan conflict resolution, contractor and field surveyor coordination, and as-needed plan revisions after the project has been permitted.

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Land Use Planning

Designing Great Communities

Moore Bass provides comprehensive solutions for land planning needs to clients through both their Atlanta and Tallahassee offices. With experience in construction engineering and cost-feasible solutions, we begin the planning process with the end in mind. Recognizing that each project is different, we listen, study, and prepare extensively to develop a plan or solution that is custom to each project. Our planning services consider time, money and the certainty of outcome to match our clients’ needs with those of the market. We listen to the objectives of each client and provide consulting services that fit within federal, state, county, and municipal regulations and ordinances. We offer sound planning recommendations to enhance the maximum potential of each project. These projects include residential subdivisions, multi-family housing, master-planned communities, mixed-use developments, office, commercial and industrial developments, schools, parks, playground and sports complexes, and condominium and townhome developments.

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Land Surveying

Reliable Site Data

Moore Bass Consulting offers Land Surveying as an integrated part of our comprehensive consulting services or as a stand-alone service. Our survey teams use advanced and modern technology to bring the client the highest quality results with quick response times. Our years of expertise, experience, client service, and innovative equipment are in high demand. As professional surveyors, we recognize that accurate information about a property is a valuable tool for strategic positioning, planning, and preservation of value for our clients in both Tallahassee, Atlanta, and surrounding areas.

Moore Bass offers Geographic Information Services (GIS), boundary surveys, topographic surveys, ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys, drone, and aerial mapping coordination, construction layout, cellular tower surveys, and residential services.

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Landscape Architecture

Designing Beautiful Surroundings

Moore Bass’ landscape architects skillfully blend the physical elements of nature with the engineered built environment. They are experienced in meeting the needs of the client by providing environmentally sensitive designs that match the required permitting standards. Our services include all phases of Landscape Architecture including landscape planting design, downtown planning, and streetscapes, waterfront planning and design, bike/hike trail design, park and recreation design, campus and educational facility design, sports facility design, playground design, construction plans and specifications, and graphic presentations and color renderings. Whether a project needs basic amenities or a complex community theme, Moore Bass can provide the design and services to achieve the aesthetic and environmental outcomes.

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Tallahassee, Florida

Tallahassee, Florida

McDonough, Georgia

McDonough, Georgia

Newnan, Georgia

Newnan, Georgia

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