Residential Development

Moore Bass Consulting is expert at all aspects of residential subdivision design. From initial planning and feasibility studies through completion of construction documents and permits, Moore Bass provides our clients with services tailored to their specific needs. Our experience includes large scale resort and golf communities, master planned communities, traditional neighborhood developments and more standard residential tract subdivisions. Most residential projects include some combination of planning, alternatives analysis, cost estimating, flood studies, roadway and utility design, environmental permitting and erosion control plans.


 Commercial Development

Moore Bass has extensive commercial site development experience and offers comprehensive planning and engineering services for a wide rang of commercial. From small restaurant sites to large shopping center developments, life-style center malls or regional office complexes, we provide the experience and  level of services required by each client. Teaming with architects and developers to construct commercial sites in Georgia and Florida involves a full understanding of zoning requirements, as well as the ability to maximize square footage while addressing budget impacts.  Many of our commercial development projects include rezoning, master planning, road and utility design, stormwater design, mass grading and parking lot design.


Healthcare / Institutional

As the civil engineering expert, Moore Bass Consulting recognizes our responsibility to provide strategic and sustainable engineering and planning services for the work of the institution to continue properly. In managing healthcare projects we share our clients’ commitment in providing an environment that improves the healthcare experience. Working as a planning and design partner, our design staff blends our clients’ vision, with sound engineering methodologies and conformity to adopted master plans to provide plans which meet regulatory agency permit requirements. We evaluate update campus master plans to ensure that future growth trends are considered.We are responsible for providing sustainable engineering and planning services, allowing the institution to function properly.


 Master Planned Community Development

As communities throughout the southeast encourage the development of well planned, walkable, mixed use neighborhoods,  Moore Bass Consulting brings the expertise to implement the vision.  Experienced with the collaborative design effort of town planners, regulators, owners and stakeholders, we are versed in all aspects of traditional neighborhood design and mixed use developments.  From charette through completion of construction documents that involve coordination with highly detailed architectural designs,  Moore Bass provides its clients with a product customized to their specific needs. Our experience includes coastal communities along Florida’s 30-A corridor as well as inland projects in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Most of our master planned communities include design collaboration with golf course architects, architects and town planners.  The direct design experience includes infrastructure planning, design and permitting, flood studies, roadway and utility design, landscape design and erosion control plans.  The Moore Bass design team includes experts who identify and address the local, state, and federal environmental regulations which impact land use decisions.


Architectural Support Services

Moore Bass provides civil engineering design services that are necessary to support the activities of local/regional architectural firms. In our local markets and region of influence, Moore Bass is a leader in providing these civil engineering services to a number of architectural firms. As a part of a project team,our services are provided by a trained and experienced staff of surveyors, civil engineers, and landscape architects, in conjunctions with other registered professionals.


Roadway Design and Permitting

Moore Bass provides transportation services that span the life cycle of a project. Our transportation experience includes planning, siting, permitting, engineering/design and construction management. With engineering, planning, environmental, and surveying services under one roof,  studies are conducted concurrently and provide a balanced product. This unique team approach results in creative solutions and bottom line savings four our clients. Moore Bass transportation experience includes planning, siting studies, environmental surveys, roadway design and rehabilitation, NEPA and GEPA documentation, alignment staking and construction management.