Professional Services



Engineering Design

Founded in 1991, Moore Bass is full-service civil engineering firm providing site design, subdivision design and utility design. With extensive experience to clients in Florida, Georgia and Alabama, we have earned an excellent reputation by providing quality services in a timely manner. The engineering staff at Moore Bass brings a broad variety of expertise from major roadway system design to private development streets and alleys. We are experts in rezoning, planning, and construction document preparation. Landscape architects provide civil support through the preparation of planning maps, color renderings, landscape and irrigation plan, and mitigation plans. We understand regulatory agency interactions, construction costs and techniques, deadlines and most important, how it affects the client’s budget. Moore Bass is experienced with DOT projects and requirements, including preliminary engineering studies, traffic studies, roadway design and ROW plans.  In addition, we are experts in hydraulic and stormwater studies and modeling.


Environmental Permitting

Moore Bass has broad experience in all facets of land development including construction observation and administration. Common among many Moore Bass projects is the need for environmental permit application preparation and compliance documentation, including those required for National Pollutant Discharge and Elimination Systems (NPDES). NPDES encompasses many types of discharges including stormwater, animal feeding operations, combined sewer flows and pretreatment. The Moore Bass scope of service to NPDES clients includes laboratory analysis, permit application and renewal services andDMR (discharge monitoring report) preparation. Our environmental and engineering experts enable us to offer our clients a service source for their permitting, monitoring and compliance needs.


Land Use Planning

Moore Bass provides comprehensive solutions for land planning needs. With experience in construction and cost-feasible solutions, we begin the planning process with the end in mind. Each project is unique. Recognizing this we listen, study and prepare extensively to develop a plan or solution for each project. Our planning services consider time, money and the certainty of outcome in order to math our clients’ needs with those of the market. We listen to the objectives of each client and provide consulting services that fit within federal, state, county and municipal regulations and ordinances. We offer sound planning recommendations to enhance the maximum potential of each project. These projects include residential and golf course subdivisions, planned communities and mixed use developments, office, commercial and industrial developments, schools, parks, playground and sport complexes and condominium and townhome developments.


Transportation Planning

Moore Bass provides the breadth of transportation planning services necessary to meet to the ever changing needs of a mobile society allowing us to develop innovative but workable solutions to meet the transportation needs of the communities we serve. Our transportation planners and engineers are experienced in traffic impact studies, corridor studies, roadway design, traffic data collection and comprehensive planning. We have the technical skill, the resources, and the creative minds to deliver solutions to complex transportation challenges. Our transportation planning services include: traffic impact studies, transportation concurrency analysis, turn lane analysis, traffic signal warrant studies, large scale developments/DRI transportation analysis, corridor planning, sector planning, traffic calming design, neighborhood planning/public involvement, university and college campus master planning, traffic counts/data collection, metropolitan planning organization (MPO) general consulting, long range transportation planning and congestion/mobility management system planning.


Landscape Architecture

The registered Landscape Architects at Moore Bas skillfully blend the physical elements of nature with the engineered built environment. They are experienced in meeting the needs of the client by providing environmentally sensitive designs that match the required permitting standards. Our services include all phases of Landscape Architecture including landscape planting design; downtown planning and streetscapes; waterfront planning and design; bike/hike trail design; park and recreation design; campus and educational facility design; sports facility design; playground design; construction plans and specifications; and graphic presentations and color renderings. Whether your need is a basic amenity package or a complex community theme, Moore Bass can provide the landscape architecture for a wide range of projects.



Moore Bass Consulting offers Land Surveying as an integrated part of our comprehensive consulting services or as a stand alone product. Our survey teams use leading edge technology to bring the client to the highest quality results with quick response times. Our years of expertise, experience, client service and top-of-the-line equipment are in high demand. As Professional Surveyors we recognize that accurate information about your property is a valuable tool for strategic positioning, planning and preservation of value. Moore Bass Consulting offers Geographic Information Services (GIS), boundary surveys, topographic surveys, ALTA ACSM Land Title Surveys, aerial mapping coordination, construction layout, cellular tower surveys and homebuilder’s service.